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Belated Happy New Year!

Well it started less with a bang and more of a banging headache... Sitting with my one G & T, watching a very strange Hootenanny as husband and I turned to each other saying, ‘Oh! I remember that one!’ when they showed acts from previous years.

Just to say, I’ve decided to stop eating sugar. Well, only a teeny tiny bit. Well, cut right down, at least. The 30th and 31st of December were my first days with no sugar and the ol’ withdrawal headache was brewing nicely. Nicely, that is, until around 9pm on NYE when the biscuit tin came out and they started to call my name. Yes. Biscuits can talk/shout. Especially the Viennese ones with the ends dipped in chocolate. They’re proper noisy bastards... Needless to say, the withdrawal headaches turned into sugar overload headaches. I will probably post about my dire relationship with food on another day, but I was actually impressed that I didn’t eat half the tin as I usually would. Still. I ate more than 3...

New Years day is usually an anti-climax, no matter what year it is, but, as I’d reached that stage before Christmas Day, I felt relatively OK! Just .... bored. Totally and utterly bored out of my skull. If my mum was still around, she would point out the K3 mountain of ironing (with Sherpas camped around it), the state of the skirting boards and the fact that pixies have come into my kitchen every night to cover the surfaces with an eclectic load of crap. As I type I can see, for example, law books, dog treats, a Christmas table runner, a tray (tray!?) of Pepsi Max (cherry) and that’s not even half of it. Sorry, mum, but I’m far too bored to be doing boring housework! I’m slatternly. Deal with it.

The other thing I can see is watercolours. Ha! That surprised you! For a Christmas present to me and husband, I bought a couple of spots on an online zoom painting thing (Brush Party) and, obviously, had to get the kit in order to do it. Cue me racing around on the dog walk in order to get back, showered and sat in front of husbands iPad. I saw so many people on our walk who I hadn’t seen for ages, so a 40 minute march turned into a 70 minute social event. (Socially distanced of course, much to the canine muppets disappointment!) That left me 15 minutes to get in, have a shower and be ready. I just made it and we pressed ’Connect’... I had the wrong time. It wasn’t for another hour. Picture me face-palming with great force. Ah well, an hour goes past and we try again...’Timed out’. WTF? Checked e-mails and found that they’d had to delay it. Cue more face-palming (I have the face for it).

At 5pm, we sat and started our watercolour tutorial and I can highly recommend it! An hour and a half flew by and we both ended up with watercolour paintings (elephants) that we were fairly happy with - not something I say about most of the stuff I make! Bonus - it got us out of the rut that is me playing Animal Crossing while husband plays shooty-shooty bang-bang games. We’ve decided to make it a regular thing! I know, I know, more crap in the kitchen, but d’you know what? Fuck it. If we enjoy it and it gets us doing something different together, I don’t mind more clutter. (Mum would, but she’s not really in a position to complain about it. I wont be going to see a psychic anytime soon, mind...)

I’ll leave you with my very best wishes for you and yours at the start of 2021. Let’s keep each other safe, be kind to each other and ourselves, and cross every part of our body that can be crossed that this is the beginning of the end for that shitty virus.

Much love x

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